With heavy doses of city-pop and ’90s-era alternative rock, there’s no denying that Xiamen-based band Cheesemind is shooting for a wider indie pop audience with their new EP “Bay Park Serenade” (海湾公园小夜曲).

But when you do it with as much craft and lyrical elegance as these cats, made up of members of the now defunct The White Tulips (arguably the pioneers of the city-pop/shoegaze resurgence), you can’t help but fall in love.

It’s snug, tender, with enough rough edges (that guitar crunch gets me every time) and a keen pop sensibility that sneakily worms its way into your brain whilst making you nostalgic for the breezy small-town beach life that exists only in your mind. (Label: Qiii Snacks Records)

Stream “Bay Park Serenade” EP on Bandcamp.

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