Chico (奇哥)

Member of the legendary indie pop group “Nature Q”, Chico is not just a singer-songwriter but also an animator and important producer in the Taiwanese indie music scene.

Though somehow sarcastic, somehow in self-doubt with a midlife crisis, Chico (奇哥) never forgets about his original intention of writing good songs. After years of creating and composing, “Fast Soul, Slow Body, Broken Heart” (身心靈不全) is a perfect EP gathering Chico’s great folk pop songs.

Chico’s new video “Face no More” (假動作之王) also demonstrates his talent as an animator. The animated comics reflects the status quo of Taiwanese society and human nature. By introducing a horn section arrangement, the song itself is rich and fruitful, making the audience want to listen more than once.

You can stream “Fast Soul, Slow Body, Broken Heart” EP on Spotify.


Photo credit: Iris Wei

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