Mariel Mariel

“It’s about the feeling of melancholy projected into the future. Imaging when this very moment will become a very distant memory,” says songwriter Mariel Mariel about the first single off her recent album, “Foto pa ti”.

She wrote the song “Los Bajos Vibran En Mi Pecho” together with Andrés Landon, and the video was directed by Guillermo Llamas a.k.a Flesh Films. The music itself, Mariel explains, is “the physical manifestation of sound vibrating in your chest that takes you back to that time.”

Recorded in Mexico, Chile and Colombia, “Foto Pa Ti” (available in its entirety on Soundcloud) combines Mariel’s diverse experiences – from being a Carla Morrison band’s touring member a few years ago to multiple collaborations and her own experiments with sound and lyrics.

Currently, the Chilean-born, Mexico-based singer and multi-instrumentalist readies up her new album. Titled “Homonymous”, it will certainly add another colour to the flourishing Mexican and entire Latin American scene.


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