(me llamo) Sebastián

If you’re ever surprised by the quality of Sebastián Sotomayor’s songwriting, know that he’s been writing music since his 13th birthday. Now 28-years-old, he’s just released his new album, “La Belleza” (“Beauty”), another great effort from one of Chile’s most talented composers and performers.

The song “Oso al Agua” is a continuation of what he raised on his previous album, talking about love between gays (“Oso,” meaning “bear”, concerns gay communities), and the breakup of a couple, when there seems to be nothing left. But in a distant future, life blooms again.

Sebastián’s fourth album contains lyrics about love that address the stereotype imposed by society about being male or female and how it has to be a relationship. As a musical concept, it is closer to pop as a strategy to get more in the music market. But without abandoning either the essence of his music, or the struggle for gay and lesbian communities.

You can stream the whole album on (me llamo) Sebastián’s Bandcamp.


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