Chinese Football

With their exquisitely crafted new four-track EP, acclaimed four-piece Chinese Football score another win.

The interior Chinese city of Wuhan (famously one of the country’s four “furnaces” for its searing summers) has proven to be a lusciously fertile breeding ground for young and hungry bands over the years.

Chinese Football may very well be the proverbial cream of the crop. With a critically acclaimed self-titled debut and now a new 4-track “Here comes a new challenger!” EP, they’ve been attracting fans China-wide (and beyond) with their mid-west style emo for more than half a decade. Score!

This latest release, featuring a new drummer, is a wonderful thing. It’s clear that their years of experience have all poured into this album, each and every song exquisitely crafted. To borrow a somewhat overused pop-punk trope: All killer, no filler. No own goals to be seen here.

Listen closely and they could well be the Kinsella family’s long lost Chinese cousins; the intricate, interwoven guitar lines that permeate their songs wouldn’t feel out of place on an Owen, Cap’n Jazz or, of course, American Football record.

One of those rare collections that you hope can go into extra time.

Stream “Here comes a new challenger!” EP on Bandcamp.


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