Cina Polada

Getting ready for their debut EP, Finnish dreampop group Cina Polada offer us a catchy and bubbly taste of the upcoming release.

Cina Polada is formed by singer Hilla Miettinen and her husband Tatu Miettinen, accompanied by Tatu’s brother Teemu and their friends Tony Salo and Nita Mattila.

The cozy-sounding family affair has been bubbling under for a while, in the sort of low-key way that seems to fit the vibe of their understated bedroom music.

Their new cut “Gloom” – much more catchy and bubbly than the name suggests – from the forthcoming EP slated for September, shows that under the sweet vocals, shimmering chords and dreampop dirge there’s a whole lot of ambition inside.

Cina Polada’s self-titled debut EP comes out September 29 via Strangers Candy.


Cina Polada on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp.

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