Cléa Vincent

The young Parisian artist Cléa Vincent needed only ten days to collect 5k euro in the crowdfunding campaign for her debut full-length album. Pretty soon she might double it – and you can help it happen.

We first wrote about Cléa two years ago after she released her charming first EP, “Non Mais Oui”, which included the unforgetable single “Retiens mon désir“. That will also be the title of Cléa’s proper debut, scheduled to come out in October this year.

Cléa’s recent video “Jmy attendais pas” is the first taste of this album, and a perfect introduction to her ethereal style, where well-crafted songwriting is executed with an airy approach. While the sound might be rooted in the synthetic 90s, Cléa’s voice keeps it colourful and warm.

Music loves contradictions.

Photo credit: Benjamin Henon

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