Hauntology goes glocal.

The third album from Coals sees them further developing their eclectic and slightly nostalgic take on electro-pop, while also switching completely to Polish. This is a welcome change, imbuing their music with a more unique, “glocalized” feel.

As always, there is a lot of going on here. The album features fourteen songs and clocks in 35 minutes, offering a kaleidoscopic mix of catchy melodies, weird sound effects, pristine beats, acoustic passages, processed vocals, and oneiric atmospheres.

This is a perfect example of contemporary pop that can appropriate almost everything. Yet the frenetic barrage of stimuli on “Sanatorium” never overwhelms, instead turning into a coherent, well-rounded album.

In a manner typical of Coals, the music is both dreamy and spooky. You can dance, chill out, or sing to it. Or you can just take pleasure in listening to a band that is assured in their music-making and consistently delivers memorable, high-quality output.

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