Set in the forest reserve at the Makiling Botanical Garden, one hour south of Manila, the debut video from Filipino singer-songwriter and cellist Coeli is an irresistible piece of music, dance and nature.

Called “Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan,” the single is actually a triple duo. The song itself features the guitar work and voice of Miguel Guico, next to Coeli’s vocals and her cello. Their performance is just like the scenery around them: light, unwinding, perfect even in its imperfections. And in the video, they’re accompanied by a pair of young dancers, Bea Lorenzo and Jarrel Yecyec.

The whole thing, meanwhile, brings us a story of two people who are mutually in love with each other, “but are afraid to take the plunge”. Quite typically for our generation where we “long to love, but afraid to love completely because of the pain it is yet to bring,” Coeli explained.

She has promised her first studio record to come out before the year ends. By that time we’ll probably keep playing this video – directed by Noah Del Rosario – again and again.


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