Cold Cold Nights

This year’s sensation on the Czech music scene, Cold Cold Nights convert their post-rock and indie-emo inspirations into something their own.

“I like repetitions and keeping things simple. It seems to me that the simplicity can actually make the music stronger and often express emotions without the need for lyrics,” says Stepan, the bass and synth player from the Prague based band Cold Cold Nights.

While he was referring to the strong influence of post-rock on music, the emotions play the most important part of their music. Jakub, Daniel, Stepan and Krystof debuted with EP “(The) Last Summer” earlier this year and became a big sensation on the Czech music scene.

You can tell that Cold Cold Nights are inspired by the bands such as Neutral Milk Hotel or Beirut, but their biggest influence is definitely the first wave of indie emo American bands of the 90s. The main theme of Jakub Jiraseks’ lyrics is nostalgia, youth, moments spent together with friends and the memorries of growing up.

What makes Cold Cold Nights unique from the other Czech guitar bands is also a sound of Krystofs’ trumpet and trombone, that pushes the emotions beyond the level of just singing about sadness, but to the point that actually touches you somewhere deep inside.

And as the autumn is already over and the days are getting colder, Cold Cold Nights is the best bands to get over the summertime sadness.

Stream “(The) Last Summer” LP on Bandcamp.


Photo: Kryštof Melka

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