Valerie Teicher was born in Argentina to Colombian parents, but she quickly relocated with her family to Canada. Some years later, she moved to Boston to study music that’s where her music project Tei Shi started.

After releasing the first EP, “Saudade”, in 2013, she caught the attenion of the labels Mom & Pop and Mermaid Avenue, which published her latest EP, “Verde” (Spanish word for “green”).

Inspired by her numerous relocations, this Tei Shi’s new material is made up by five dreamy songs (stream three of them here) with a little touch of Alternative R&B.

“See Me” is her recent videoclip, and definitely a highlight off her new record. Appearing in a variety of natural and urban landscapes, the video visually sums up the spirit of the EP.


Tei Shi on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, www.

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