Bomba Estéreo

We have previously presented Bomba Estéreo as one of Colombia´s biggest jams to come in ages. They surely are and they are still in shape to move people’s feelings and feet.

With their latest record, “Amanecer” (Sunrise), they’re climbing to higher grounds mixing an interesting range of universal rhythms with Colombian roots.

The hypnotizing “Somos dos” (We’re Two) is one of the most remarkable tracks off the record. A soft champeta aiming to become the simplest love song you’ve ever heard.

When singer Li Saumet says: “Somodo, somodo,” repeating the word to an infinite echo, this irresistible hook takes you straight to the dance floor while feeling in love for no other reason than the sheer magnetism of the music. The best of effects ever.


Bomba Estéreo on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.

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