Ela Minus

Gabriela Jimeno is a well-known artist in the Colombian music circuit. As a teenager, she founded the neo-punk band Ratón Perez. Now, as part of the trio Balancer, Jimeno has established herself in the US, constantly evolving and following her path to find a brand new sound.

Jimeno’s solo project is called Ela Minus, a gorgeous name making even more gorgeous music. She will soon be releasing a yet untitled EP, produced by the Chilean musician Andrés Nusser and the mastermind behind acclaimed outfit Astro.

The first single off of this upcoming record is “Jamaica”, an ambient piece that presents Ela Minus’ sweet voice covered by layers of synthesizer. It makes a perfect current for her words, mixing Spanish and English in a way that’s almost impossible to resist. It’s instant crush buddies!


Ela Minus on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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