While Bogotá can be called a sunny city for many reasons, the local star Esteman keeps bringing optimism to the streets of Colombia’s capital. Especially with his latest album, “Caótica Belleza”.

Esteban Mateus Williamson’s songs are 100% consistent with his look: optimistic, ironic, and totally in love with the pop heroes of the time long past. Soon after he released his debut album in 2012, he started appearing on (party) playlists and last year he collaborated with Carla Morrison in a sentimental song “Adelande“, also featued on the new record.

“Caótica Belleza”, or “Chaotic Beauty”, is certainly one of the brightest music works of this year, and it will provide you loads of rhythms and melodies to use anytime you need to bring a smile to someone’s face. And apart from Carla Morrison, you’ll also hear the voice of Natalia Lafourcade and the acclaimed guitarist Jose Quiñonez.

While you can stream “Caótica Belleza” in its entirety on YouTube, “Lo Nuestro Es Eterno” (“Eternal Is Ours”) might be the record’s very highlight, a cheerful hymn to the eternity of love.


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