Omoh derives its name from the Latin word “homo”, meaning “man”. Unfortunately, it’s not completely new as there is already a French band with similar name, so the creation of Andrés Rebellón and Sara Montoya will possibly have to find a new one for their musical endeavours anytime soon.

However, the duo released their first effort last month, an EP composed of five songs in which every installment creates a different state, ranging from folk to rock, and mixing drums, programming and beats. Indeed, a very flexible and interesting mixture of influences and propositions.

​The song we introduce now is the highlight of the EP. “It’s Only You” presents both female and male vocals in a very meditative combination of beats and guitars. “And when the time is right, it’s only you”, we hear from the male voice in the song, a warm delivery of tenderness that keeps us craving during its five minutes of emotional roundness.


Omoh on: Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

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