Between a warm sound and dynamic vocal harmonies, a sea monster harasses sailors.

Colombre is Giovanni Imparato. He is a veteran of the independent music scene in Italy, mainly for his work with his band Chewingum, but also because he worked with to the popular songstress Maria Antonietta. With Chewingum, he released two albums, in 2008 and 2012, and with Maria Antonietta he made an EP in 2015.

Colombre is Giovanni’s first solo project and the moniker comes from a tale written in 1966 by Dino Buzzati. In this tale, Colombre is a sea monster who harasses sailors randomly chosen. With these songs, Giovanni acts like a sailor who faces the Colombre instead of running away from it.

Musically speaking, this first album “Pulviscolo” is poppy and colourful at first sight, but there is a sense of melancholy hidden behind those catchy melodies and harmonies. The sound is very detailed and based on the interactions of different instruments and singing voices, which come together into layered arrangements.

This second single “Blatte” features the backing vocals by IOSONOUNCANE, one of the most valued artists in Italian indie scene. The song is based on the balance between a warm sound and dynamic vocal harmonies.


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