Como diamantes telepáticos

While their 3rd full-length is expected to be released soon, we’re enjoying a double single from Argentine’s talented brother-and-sister duo Como diamantes telepáticos.

The project has been started by Mariela Centurión and Fernando Centurión, but from album to album they have been inviting fellow musicians to join them in the studio and on the stage.

They published their first LP, “Dorado”, in 2013. Now, they’re preparing their third one at the same time they establish themselves as a cult-kind secret in Buenos Aires pop scene.

Recently, they published two newest songs in advance of the album: a song called “Exultante”, backed by “La herida”.

As they said in an interview, their grandmother was a piano teacher and was the responsible of the first lessons for the siblings. Of course each one developed their own musical taste, but as everyone who has a brother or sister knows, there’s no better person to have as an ally in any kind of journey.

Photo: Soledad Manrique Goldsack


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