Conde Data

Local artists playing in other musicians’ bands and forming new projects is a common thing in indie/underground music scenes. What is rare is seeing something similar to a supergroup.

Conde Data is – in the Ecuador’s music scene – a supergroup without any doubt. Mixing members of Macho Muchacho, Mamá, soy Demente and Morfeo, this new band has all the odds in their favor to succeed. While they haven’t released much and their plans are yet unknown, the music they’ve given us so far is very good.

“Quasar” is their latest track and so far my favorite. I feel the band mixes each of its member’s original bands perfectly as I can feel some math rock from Macho Muchacho, the vocals clearly resemble Mama, soy Demente, and in some moments the chaos from Morfeo is heard.

Photo credit: Fio: Rock ‘n’ roll photos


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