Constant & Change (康士坦的變化球)

Epic hymn dedicated to all the “Stranded People” from the post-rock collective Constant & Change.

Constant & Change (康士坦的變化球) focuses mainly on instrument performance delivering their pure feeling about music. Combining their diverse music styles, it consists of members of such bands as Infernal Chaos, We Save Strawberries (草莓救星), Candy Wine (糖果酒) and Clubs of Three (梅花參).

Having formed more than three years ago, at the end of 2016 Constant & Change released their debut album “Stranded People” (擱淺的人). Compared with other general post-rock bands, they created a different atmospheric sound, somehow with a little metal flavor.

The single with the same name, “Stranded People”, is the only song containing vocal elements.

The lyrics itself describe the numb and pain in modern city life, screaming from hearts with an emo flavor, and demonstrating the desperation and disappointment of the doomed generation. This song surely is an instant epic worth listening to over and over again.

Constant & Change’s latest video, meanwhile, accompanies an 8-minute track called “Now That You have Passed Away, I Remember My Promise to Walk with You” (“在你死後才想起曾經答應陪你去散步”). It shows a much mellower face of the band – except a classic post-rock culmination closer to the end.

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