Corridors is Rijul Victor’s so-called bedroom project, which eventually does go live, like most projects must.

Victor, also the drummer for Delhi metallers Colossal Figures, makes an impression with the first couple of tracks up on his Soundcloud. While the trend of musicians leading double lives, within their sonic identity has been fast catching on, Victor’s tunes don’t come as a surprise, albeit a pleasant one if at all.

On the song “April Flows”, he is joined by vocalist Nisa Shetty and Ashish Zachariah on additional keys – helping build a larger soundscape. To be fair, it isn’t the best or most original sounding debut to have come out of the capital in the last year, it’s a pretty great start.

More importantly, with time and perhaps taking the music live, Corridors will only lead to more, and more – without losing us in them.

Photo credit: Dhruv Sethi

Corridors on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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