Cosmic Attic

You might already know Sharath Narayan as the frontman of the indie quartet Black Letters whom we interviewed last autumn. Now Narayan debuted his electronic solo project Cosmic Attic with a 14-minute EP, “Climb“.

All three tracks featured on this skillful mini-album blend Narayan’s heartfelt voice with layers and layers of (indeed) cosmic synths, together creating a kind of space rather than just sound around the listener.

If beats and textures seem to dominate over vocals in the overall scenery of the EP, the reason might be that Cosmic Attic was initially thought as an instrumental project, and Narayan decided to sing on all songs only later in the process.

With this promising debut EP, he joins the growing company of talented Indian electronic producers like Sandunes, Nicholson, Consolidate, Sid Vashi, Frame / Frame, Curtain Blue, Perfect Timing and many, many more.

You can stream/download “Climb” EP for free here.


Photo: Harsimran Basra

Cosmic Attic on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook.

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