Magpie Jay

It took five years for the Costa Rican alternative quartet Magpie Jay to arrange their debut album, but the record called “Monte Claro” showed it was worth the time it took to get its final shape.

The second single from the critically acclaimed record, “Today’s Conversation” talks about the present, describing the very situation in which it was written: “A simple gathering between friends after a heavy night out and feeling a bit down,” the band explains.

But then comes the chorus, abd takes us back home. “If you remember about all the good things in your life, like friends, family and love, you can overcome these low points in your emotional stream,” Magpie Jay tell us.

Accompanied by an animated and quite psychedelic video (directed by Julian Gallese), “Today’s Conversation” is the follow up to the first and very successful single from album, “Sexy Sinister Sex“, released earlier this year.

In the meantime, Magpie Jay plan to start recording their next effort. So hopefully we won’t have to wait another five year for more music from San José’s finest.

You can stream “Monte Carlo” in its entirety here.


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