South Korean math-rock/post-rock influenced by Japanese math-rock/post-rock.

cotoba (코토바 / コトバ) is a Japanese word that means language. This math rock/post rock band is influenced by Japanese bands from these genres. They consists of Dafne (guitars, producer), DyoN Joo (vocals, guitars), euPhemia (bass), Marker (drums) and DjuNaNa (drums, percussion).

Their previous album “Form of Tongue” has received a lot of attention. As a result, they were also invited to the 50th anniversary Glastonbury Festival, eventually cancelled due to Covid-19. Their visibility is gradually increasing worldwide, and they release their albums across many countries, with “Name of the Seasons” being their latest EP.

cotoba’s lyrics include Korean, Japanese, and English. As the band advocating the genre of math-rock, their music is sophisticated and complex enough. The sound produced by each player is complicated, but the overall picture that is completed by combining them is more than the pleasure given by the combination of puzzles.

There is not only mechanical bonding here. The atmosphere and overall flow of each song broadens the imagination through album titles and a few hints. The scenery drawn in front of each person’s eyes will be slightly different, but it is certain that the scenery can be drawn with high resolution.

This band talks about seasons and weather, and their merchandise is always environmentally friendly. The producer’s message is: “We made the theme of time zones, seasons, and weather of the day given to everyone”. They introduce this album as “dedicated to those who live a limited and fierce time, the album conveys comfort and immersion at the same time”.

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