J-Pop queen singing surrounded by the musicians of Hiatus Kaiyote?

Tokyo-based quintet CRCK/LCKS released new EP “Double Rift” in July. All members of this group are also studio musicians playing in other bands or music projects. While the drummer Shun Ishiwaka recently played in his favorite band Quruli‘s new song, the vocalist and keybord player Tomomi Oda supports cero.

This way, they always get new ideas and new feelings from their daily works. “As we are also playing with other musicians separately, we eventually get big return for CRCK/LCKS,” the leader and sax player Ryo Konishi said in an interview for Mikiki (by Tower Records Japan).

In CRCK/LCKS, Ryo Konishi or Tomomi Oda usually make the basic tracks. Afterwards, the latter one sings the melody, and other members arrange it. The result is so-called jazz/soul/classical-inspired J-Pop, or a new style of music we could simply call “CRCK/LCKS”.

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