A chance meeting between an actor and a producer resulted in one of the more interesting musical debuts in Poland this year. Their blend of electro-pop skillfully shifts between moods and provides a really engaging listening experience.

Mateusz Rusin and Przemek “Dred” Pietrzak founded the band in 2015, almost immediately releasing their first EP, “Radość” (Joy), followed by a full-length album, “Euforia”. It contains both instrumental and vocal tracks bonded together by their low-keyed electronic sound.

“Materiały” (Materials) is the second to last song on the album. A hypnotic slow-burner that oscillates between immersive ambient swashes and rhythmic beat accompanied by a delicate voice, singing the same lyrics over and over again.

But if you listen closely you can also hear a sound of one of Warsaw’s trams.


Cukierki on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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