Cult Exciter

Cult Exciter is the musical project of the hands of the Dominicans Zeli Berush and Philip Brouwen (sometimes only known as Z and 5iles) who lived in Brooklyn and now live in Los Angeles.

In 2013 they released the single “In The Wave“, the perfect excuse to follow the steps, but it is not until 2017 that they release their first production.

Cult” EP is the first production that the duo releases, all good work takes its time. “Still” is the one to start this work, with the hypnotic voice of Zeli on a kind of futuristic Rn’B, where her voice becomes a sweet plea… with the participation of David Ginyard in the bass who has collaborated with projects like Chairlift, Dirty Projectors, Screaming Hearles Torsos and Blood Orange, with the mix in charge of Jake Aron.

“Tom” repeats the formula, we confess the secret of Cult Exciter is the voice, those vocals hook us, tie us, wrap us in a kind of spell, sexy, sensual, sweet, then take us to “Get” and his influences of the Caribbean with the best example of what can be done good things with simple rhythms, Get is a gem that asks us that the summer never ends.

This sound journey of just 20 minutes, in 6 songs worked delicately in their continuous sounds with “Coast” is a sign that all work does not fall a single person, music, arrangements, every detail in pieces like these count, and that’s where Phillip shows his talent, in every effect, in each sampler, that trumpet, or is it a saxophone?, is the blow this time.

“Plans” comes accompanied by a video, where in a visual way they translate that nostalgia that their music creates, a recording to vhs that gives us that feeling of freedom and solitude at the same time.

To close his first musical work, this short but so successful work is done with “Smooth” 4 minutes and 40 seconds of sound travel, where we re-note the greatness of production, where the voice becomes a background and accompanies the music, sexy, powerful, it’s the perfect ending, it’s even unfair to end it there.

Cult Exciter has just shown his proposal in a big way, we hope to see them on the island, we hope to be part of his story, we hope to continue listening more over time and see his work mature over time.

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