Here’s a teenager really focused on music! The 17-year-old producer released quite a few EPs in the recent years but only got the attention of the broader audience this year.

In May, his exciting debut LP “Obsolete” was released for a local label Beton. The album shows .čunfa’s talent, focus, experimental touch and an enviable feeling for crafting electronic beats and landscapes. Latest is even more obvious on the follow-up EP, “0 0 0 1 6 1 8”, released in September.

.čunfa says he’s inspired by many things and mentions poetry, visual arts and experiments as the most important ones. Among his latest releases is also a track on the “Giro” compilation, which is presenting the beatmakers of the Slovenian coast scene, featuring artists like Gramatik and Blaž, already known to regular beehype readers.

The young producer is definitely one of the must hears at the moment and he’s also a frequent live act – be it in clubs, at festivals or as an opening act – like recently in Ljubljana for Mount Kimbie.

Stream “0 0 0 1 6 1 8” EP on Bandcamp.


Photo: Martina Hrastnik

.čunfa on Facebook.

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