Curly Strings

Beloved Estonian folk group Curly Strings give us a beautiful new video that will make you warm even though it’s full of snow.

This acoustic four-piece famous of lavish vocal harmonies and memorable themes first appeared in our Best of 2014 feature with their well-received debut album, “Üle Ilma”, meaning “Around the World”. Last year, they followed up with a 6-track EP called “Elumäng”, and recently they’ve shared a new single “Hommik”, or “Morning”.

Apart from its musical qualities, the song comes with a fairytale video that will make anyone (over)sensitive feel cold immediately. But the story itself is all about warm feelings.

Although the track has been recorded in the global country headquaters, Nashville, the video depicts Estonia’s picturesque nature.

Simultaneously with this new single, Curly Strings toured around Estonia performing both in clubs and at festivals, including the Tallin Music Week. Hopefully some international dates will follow, and more fairy tales too.


Photo credit: Patrik Tamm

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