Mutanti Hledaj Východisko

Have you ever wondered how the craziest Czech bands sounds like? Well, here’s the chance to meet one of them.

Mutanti Hledaj Východisko (Mutants are searching for the solution) are an unpredictable alternative hip-hop duo. Yes, they are mad, but in a good way – both musically and lyricaly. I think, nobody from the Czech scene can be that bizarre and artisticaly valuable at the same time.

In their newest single “Černobyl”, they take you to the story of an underground boy who has been born right after a Chernobyl catastrophe, which turned him into… mutant. Crazy enough, you say? Well, that’s not everything. Take a look on a video, too. It’s a Prince of Persia: an apocalyptic dystopia version. Do you think it can’t go any further? Ha, you wish…

The most difficult part comes with the name of their new album. It’s called “PLSCVTGTUAUVGTU”, because… why not. Who will bet he first one to remember that random cluster of vocals and consonants?



Photo: Libor Galia

Mutanti Hledaj Východisko on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.

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