Kubatko feat. Ohheejung

“I was looking for some non-K-pop bands and I found Ohheejung on Bandcamp. I bought her album and contacted her if she would be interested in making a song with me,” says Kubatko asked how his collaboration with Ohheejung started.

“Storm” is a song from one of his recent albums, “Aucklandia”, which he composed in New Zealand when he was living there for almost three years. “I met there with my current fiancé, a Korean-New Zealander, which got me interested in learning Korean as well as in Korean music,” says Kubatko, originally from the Czech town of Mezouň.

The first song they recorded together was “Don’t Die“. “I loved it so much and we enjoyed collaborating that we made another song called ‘Storm’,” says Kubatko. “The lyrics are more about dreams and emotions. How day is changing into night, being chased by darkness, clouds and a centipede.”

“Somehow our collaborations were going really smoothly, there seem to be quite some chemistry that our vibes suits each other,” he adds. Recently, Kubatko released another album where they made some songs together.

“One of them is ‘Keep On‘ that is again something I am very happy about,” he says. “I love combining this kind of electronic music, a bit IDM vibe with her indie voice.”

You can stream “Aucklandia” as well as Kubatko’s other releases here.


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