D’ask is a fresh band from Lithuania. Two years ago, they started as an alternative rock group but quickly changed their style to more electronic sound.

And that was a good choise, as a song called “Full of You” demonstrates. It was recorded in 2015 but the video came out just last week. Four members, with soft vocals of the singer Liana Sapegina in the foreground, create fine composition from naked electric guitars and the atmosphere of a melancholic dream pop ballad.

Sapegina’s voice flows quietly, and from the first moment your impression will be more about the charm of her vocal’s purity than about the lyrics (about love and feelings). And that’s just in begining, as in the middle of “Full of You” we get a culmination with changed tembre of her voice.

D’Mask have more good ideas like that, it’s worth following their news.

D’Mask on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

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