With its blend of dreamy electro-acoustic sounds, this new project from Poland intends to make you feel at home with their music.

As the story goes, the formation of d0m (which could be translated as “h0use” or “h0me”) was initially inspired by a single song: Stina Nordenstam’s “And She Closed Her Eyes”.

Entranced by its ethereal atmosphere, Bartłomiej “Spaso” Spasowski – a composer, producer and DJ associated with the nu-jazz/hip-hop ensemble Kanał Audytywny – decided to create something in a similar vein, giving rise to the new project.

For d0m, he has recruited his former bandmate, double-bassist Darek “Ju Ghan” Dżugan, and completing the lineup is beehype’s regular, vocalist Natalia Grosiak, primarily known from Mikromusic but also involved in a variety of other projects.

The trio’s music neatly combines the strengths of each member, blending glitchy textures and top-knotch production, deep and hypnotic pulse of the double-bass, and one of the most unique female voices around, into one-of-a-kind mixture.

The sound is mostly hushed and warm, but the group does not shy away from more orchestral arrangements, giving the music a sense of depth and otherworldly beauty.

While “womb” (above) and “melbourne” (below) represent different sides of d0m’s music, you can also stream their debut album, “estic,” in full on Bandcamp and YouTube.


d0m on Facebook, YouTube, www, Instagram.

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