DaBozz (大包子)

One of the best electronic (mini)releases we’ve heard this year comes from Chinese singer DaBozz.

The Nanjing- based singer DaBozz (大包子) emerges as a force to be reckoned on her latest track off of her latest EP “Salt” (盐).

In many ways a continuation of the themes and aesthetics last release, her latest entry finds DaBozz taking her bags of tricks and turning the track into a dreamscape full of hip hop swag, trip hop pulp, and art pop ambition.

And with the help of one of the scene’s finest female shape shifters, the Hangzhou raised Qi Zitan, as well as producer glossyfadE, she pulls it off – a haunting, sultry rhythmically captivating piece of art that lingers long after.

Stream “Salt” EP on Spotify.


DaBozz on Xiami, Netease.

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