Best new band from Norway? From what we have heard yet in 2017, this could be Daiisy.

Of course it is a far-fetched opinion having heard only one official song from this young duo of singer and synths/electronics player Thea Emilie Wang, and drummer Henrik Håland.

But in just over 4 minutes, their debut single “Shilly-shally” offers us so many layers and emotions you can easily extrapolate the scope of their music interests and Daiisy’s capability to keep you fully engaged, even after many listens.

And that’s where we should probably admit we got access to the song early December, and have kept it on repeat ever since. We love Emielie’s airy vocals, Henrik’s all-pervading but always accurate and ever-evolving percussion, and we love the otherworldly atmosphere of the song.

Oh well, let’s just play it again.


Photo: Live Schulerud

Daiisy on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify.

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