Sad love story, a handgun and nervous beat – Ukrainian pop-singer Dakooka made another blockbuster.

“Стук” (from Russian “Knock”) might be a reincarnation of Nancy Sinatra’s song “Knock Knock”, yet with a completely different atmosphere. The single was co-produced by Ukrainian artist Cepasa and it was indeed a very well-turned collaboration. He brought more intense sound that complimented the wicked mood that fans love so much.

At this point it’s hard to believe that Dakooka started her career acoustically – just a piano and vocal. She became quickly known for provocative lyrics with a single “Die if you don’t love me” (“Умри если меня не любишь”) that went viral on social media. However, Dakooka quickly discovered the benefits of electronic music and its potential to make her songs even more clever.

She recently made a new release with her old songs reimagined. Girlish and fragile songs turned to be upbeat soundtracks for an action movie. It’s funny how new arrangement can make you rethink the lyrics and the artist in general. Some compare Dakooka with Roisin Murphy and Kosheen. Well, in this new aesthetic the comparison makes even more sense.


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