Damla Pehlevan

Damla Pehlevan has a very talented musical mind and a gifted voice.

It’s been maybe ten years since I first heard one of her songs on SoundCloud, “Eski Gül Günleri“. Then I started to follow her musical journey. On one page she is with Shantel, on the other one she was on stage with BaBa ZuLa.

While we were listening to her tunes with worldwide those famous names, she was also sharing her solo pieces on SoundCloud or one could come across her singing in music performances on YouTube.

2017 is the year when she officially released her first singles: “İlkbahar” first, and then “Silikon“, which are great signals for her followers and fans showing that after long years, things will become more serious. Especially “Silikon” is a great example of her musical style, a mixture of irony and creativity.

2019 is the year that we all can feel blessed. First, she released “Konuşmak İstediğim” as a single to announce the world that “wait, I’m coming”. Then she released her first LP “karmakader” without waiting long.

We’ve already finished the first half of the year and I can easily say this is also one of the greatest of 2019 without waiting for the other half of the year. Let’s make this statement bolder, I believe “karmakader” will be one of those unaging albums, which will still find a place in many homes and headphones after many decades.

This kind of timeless pieces has to involve some great music people. In “karmakader”, we have Eray Polat, Sabi Saltiel, Gürkan Kömürcü, Çağrı Sertel, Volkan Öktem, Turgut Alp Bekoğlu, Burak Irmak, Hasan Gözetlik, Cafer Nazlıbaş, Tamer Karaoğlu – all of them next to Damla.

The first video of the album is for “Düşten Güzeldir”, directed by Sinan Kut. It has a ritualistic atmosphere where you will find yourself in a beautiful dream in a parallel feeling with the melody.

And I’m using my editor rights to pick you another song from the album, please do listen “Yarın Sabah” before looping the LP many times to provoke your musical instincts.

Stream “karmakader” LP on Spotify.


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