Danai Nielsen

“Who Are They” is Danai Nielsen’s first full-length album, which speaks tenderly to a generation that is stuck due to an economic – and now – health crisis.

Danai Nielsen is like an Elf who landed in Athens (she is half Danish, half Greek) and gathered her little toys so that to weave her genuine stories. Her songs are clever pop delights that blend warm electronic sounds, authentic samples from her daily environment, harmonies and dreamy atmospheres, next to her sensitive – mainly English – lyrics.

Singer, songwriter and a fine performer (you should have a look at her DIY costumes), Danai is an extraordinary artist that creates highly aesthetic tales through her songs. At times you have the feeling of reading a children’s book, with colourful drawings all around you, and I guess that Hans Christian Andersen played his role here too.

Another highlight of her songs is Danai’s tender voice that οn many occasions is perfumed with vocal FXs and her male alter ego, with whom she frequently has enjoyable dialogues.

Fresh, geeky, nostalgic and futuristic at the same time, with unique emotional depth, this is an album where you definitely feel that everything is well crafted to the last detail.

Now have a look at the same-titled video of “Who Are They”, directed by Ioannis Nikiforos in a ghost tower that talks in allegories. An ark that keeps safe the real heroes of this dystopian era.

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Photo credit: Andreas Simopoulos

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