Daniel Brandt

Minimal music. Ambient. Techno. Electronica. Modern Classical. This and much more comes on Daniel Brandt’s second solo album “Channels”.

You might already know the track below from our recent playlist, but “Flamingo” was just the first taste of Daniel Brandt’s new album called “Channels”. This acclaimed German musician started his solo carreer with last year’s debut LP “Eternal Something”, and on the new album he continues his explorations of the surprisingly vast no man’s land between minimal music, techno, ambient and neo-classical.

So there’s a bit of Steve Reich – Brandt has actually performed this composer’s “Six Pianos” – a bit of retro-electronica German style, a bit of modern clubbing and even nu-jazz or post-rock. But actually so much more. Even within one song you can experience several different moods, with the (r)evolving layers of piano, drums and synthesisers (that’s Brandt), guitar and bass (Pascal Bideau), trombone (Florian Juncker) or violin (André de Ridder).

If you can imagine an intimate lounge somewhere in Berlin where contemporary music aficionados could have their post-concert party, while techno diehards might just warm up for theirs, this is could be the soundtrack.

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