Daniel Kvammen

Romance. Love. And drama. Another fantastic video from one of Norway’s most talented young artists, Daniel Kvammen.

Long before his 30th birthday, Daniel Kvammen has won the hearts of Norwegian public and reached out for audience abroad in spite of the fact that he remains loyal to local language. We are also among his loyal fans whether he sings lighthearted folk songs, or brings serious pieces like in “Som om himmelen revna”.

Daniel’s new single would be a great songs all by itself. But it’s accompanied by an equally captivating video directed by Eivind Landsvik. Together, sounds and pictures make it one of the most memorable Norwegian music videos of the recent months, or maybe years, full of love and drama in every single second, boosted by the guest rap featuring of Lars Vaular.

If you like what you see and hear – and have already spinned the video several times – you might also check out our previous article about Daniel.


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