Daniel Spaleniak

Two things don’t happen often in the Polish music scene: independent artists rarely cross 100k views on YouTube, and ever rarer have their music licensed for American TV series.

Daniel Spaleniak’s songs have already appeared in two popular TV dramas: “Elementary” and “The Path“. And the eponymous single off his recently-released second album, “Back Home”, has been quite a hit for our indie circuit.

The song features wistful vocals of Katarzyna Kowalczyk from the young duo Coals, whom you might already know. Equally nostalgic video for “Back Home” was directed by photographer, filmmaker and Daniel’s personal partner Weronika Izdebska.

The clip shows there’s actually one thing common for Daniel and many other Polish musicians (and listeners). Love for Iceland.

You can stream “Back Home” LP on Spotify and Deezer.


Photo credit: ovors

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