A welcome return from one of Peru’s most talented singer-songwriters.

Danitse Palomino was one of the first artist to be ever featured on beehype, following the release of her sophomore album, “Viaje,” in 2013. Conveniently, she waited for beehype’s five-year anniversary to introduce us to its successor.

“De la Tierra al Sol” is a concept album of sorts with each song associated with a different stage in a titular journey from darkness to light. Musically, it expresses a quiet evolution of Danitse’s style.

Take the first single, “1 2 3,” which starts with a few piano notes and a marked rhythmic pattern, but soon drowns in an abundance of sounds, including choirs, clapping, additional percussion, etc. Within a few minutes the music fluctuates between confidential and trancelike, but never loses its sense of direction, confidently bringing the song to a fulfilling climax.

There is a sense of focus and humble mastery to the whole album, each track brimming with amazing arrangements and melodies, without any flashy or unnecessary embellishments. Danitse might have taken time to release “De la Tierra al Sol,” but the final effort is refined to near perfection, resulting in her best work to date.

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