Darkness Positive

Jazz band? Pop trio? Intricate and catchy at the same time? Slovak [put the right terms here] group Darkness Positive took us by surprise.

At first, they might sound chaotic. But that’s just the surface under which they hide their surprisingly mature musicianship and sense of humor. Because although they call themselves a jazz band, they are in fact one of the most interesting lyricist and pop-song creators that Slovakia has produced in recent years.

Darkness Positive is a trio that just decided they want to “do something”. So they formed a band and started to mix complicated jazz-like tunes with lyrics about Instagram, pot smoking and ugly sneakers. And the result is just extraordinary.

They would sound rebellious whether they would play at a jazz festival or a mainstream summer event. They don’t fit any category and although someone might consider that an obstacle, Darkness Positive are a fresh example that it might also be an interesting advantage.

While you can stream their recent album “Prvý dojem” on Spotify, here’s the opening track called “Idzem / Neidzem”.


Darkness Positive on Facebook.

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