Daymé Arocena

One of Cuba’s most outstanding voices, Daymé Arocena brings us a new video from her recent second album, “Cubafonía”.

“Cubafonía” came out mid-March but it’s a perfect summer album whether you’ll be traveling (to enhance your trips) or staying home (as a substitute). Especially that the album itself is a result of Daymé Arocena’s journeys around the world.

It’s obviously based on Cuba’s most distinctive rhythms and its unrepeatable atmosphere. But having grown up with this music, Daymé can open her ears and heart for all kinds of inspirations and still remain an utterly Cuban artist.

The recent video from the album, “La Rumba me llamo yo” is a great example of that attitude. It’s an homage to “guaganco-styled mode of rumba”, but there’s some jazz, some pop, and lots of soul. A fresh and joyful essense of Cuba’s multi-faceted culture – a global mixture itself.

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