Daytrip Dormancy

Complicated, immediate music from alternative Chinese duo Daytrip Dormancy.

Combing wry, playful electronica with gentle avant-garde wit and intrepid krautrock, Xiamen duo Daytrip Dormancy (whose members’ previous projects included Scarlet’s Other Parts and Islet) make a huge impression on their debut EP out now on Merrie Records.

There’s an adventurous element to the way their track “Celadon” unpredictably weaves in and out of its winding orchestral synthesizers and dynamic and acute jazz beats.

And while the intricate rhythms may be mechanical in their demeanor, there’s a warmth to the crackle of the electronic elements as well as the cryptic, yet loaded, lyricism which makes every word count.

The song is followed by an even more complicated but as immediate “HelSinKi”, after which comes the EP’s 8-minute eponymous closer. You can find “夜流 Nightflow” EP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Merrie Records on Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

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