When two artists collaborate, sometimes we wonder what made them attracted to each other in the first place and how does the creative process go about.

Esteemed folk groups Dialog Dini Hari and Endah N Rhesa from Indonesia made me wonder why they haven’t worked together sooner if the outcome is exceptionally good, as evidenced by their new song, “Jangan Berhenti Engkau Bernyanyi”.

I had the pleasure of watching this song unfolded before my eyes in a live performance back in March, and I was gripped ever since the first hum from Endah (of Endah N Rhesa) came on. The magnetic voices of Dadang (Dialog Dini Hari) and Endah, the jangly and lively instruments melting into one beautiful entity, and the elated feeling throughout the song cannot be denied. I want this song to never end.

“Jangan Berhenti Engkau Bernyanyi” means “Don’t stop singing”, and it could speak in so many levels of encouragement for us to say, to dream, to do, to venture, and perhaps most importantly to just go on.”

Dialog Dini Hari on Facebook, Twitter. Endah N Rhesa on Facebook, Twitter. DDHEAR on www.

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