Dear Reader

Following the excellent “Rivonia” from 2013, Cherylin MacNeil returns with another exquisite album.

Performing under the moniker Dear Reader, MacNeil is a gifted singer-songwriter who moved from Johannesburg to Berlin where she now lives. Her new album, however, was recorded in San Francisco and thus gathers traces of experiences from three different continents.

As with MacNeil’s previous work, “Day Fever” is beautifully arranged, weaving a plethora of sounds into a refined and poignant work. MacNeil effortlessly juxtaposes minimalistic electronic tapestries with piano, woodwinds and choirs, creating a vivid musical microcosm that brims with emotional immediacy.

Most of the songs strike a perfect balance between abundance and restraint which makes them musically engaging while maintaining a very intimate feel. In fact, “Day Fever” may be MacNeil’s most personal work to date, emanating with vulnerability and honesty that will surely resonate with any sensitive soul out there.

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