After three years of playing together, the Manila-based quintet Dearest, finally released their debut LP at the end of February.

According to the band, the self-titled record reflects the evolution of the band starting with the point where they haven’t even invented the name for the group.

“Every song is a moment expressed in words, sounds, and silences,” they wrote. “You are listening to who we were and who we are now and everything in between.”

Musically, Dearest, represent the most energetic side of alternative pop/rock with spectacular vocal harmonies and often euphoric choruses, just like in the case of the memorable single “Yours (Hold Me)”.

Whether you’re into indie heroes like Phoenix or rather Florence Welch-size stars, give Dearest, a chance – and don’t miss them if they ever play live in your neighbourhood.


Photo credit: Avery Wong

Dearest, on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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