It is dangerous job to mix two or more genres in one music together. Two reasons exist.

There is high possibility that the music cannot capture any appeal of those genres, and there are already numerous musical acts that did the mix of genres successfully. But sometimes, we miraculously find the new artists who success to present the magical amalgamation of several genres.

Decadent is one of those team. Falsetto of vocal Jin Dong-Wook creates uncontrolled energy bursting through muddled disorder of various sound. You may remind Talking Heads or Pere Ubu if you listen to them, as the band display the prismatic composition of broad genres from post-punk, blues rock to R&B, soul, funk and jazz. Although EP “ㅔ” (pronounced É) is composed of four songs, it seems there is no limit for Decadent to entangle the various elements with unstrained spirit.

In the 19th century, Western European Decadent movement demolished conservative traditions and pushed up for transgressive, sensual expression. Borrowing the name from this movement, the band Decadent also brings subversive approach to rock music. I wonder where will this rampant energy go to.


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