Deniz Tekin

Exceptional arrangements, beautiful video – and that voice.

It’s been nearly three years since we last mentioned Deniz Tekin here, now she is honoring us one more time with her new single named “Güneşe Doğru“. (It may be translated as “Through to sun”.) In this single – in contrast to the word “single” – we have two great songs, one of which is carrying the same name while the other one’s title is “Uyanmalıyım” (“I should wake up”).

“Uyanmalıyım”, which is the first of the two, has also a great video directed by Can Özen, whom you may remember as the frontman of the band named The Away Days. In this video, very much like Can’s all music videos, we see a visual world, at least as beautiful as the song’s audio world.

The video is not the only good part of “Uyanmalıyım”, it is one of the best arranged songs that I’ve come across for a while.

The lyrics and the composition belong to Deniz, while in the arrangement of the song we see those guys who are also playing in the record: Bartu Özbatur (d.), Gürhan Öğütücü (g.), and Sezer Özdem (b.).

Keen drums, great guitar riffs, good bass lines, and especially their stops and goes on the same timeline as different layers make the song great for me!

“Güneşe Doğru”, a softer one compared to “Uyanmalıyım”, brings balance to this double single. It is as well-arranged as “Uyanmalıyım”. Who knows, maybe we will see a video too in the following days. It is always healing to hear Deniz’s music for me and I hope it will affect you in the same way.


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