San Felipe’s duo Dënver sounds like young Miguel Bosé in their last single “La Lava”. Meanwhile, its video honors a German film director from decades ago.

The fifth single from Dënver’s last album, “Sangre Cita”, released in 2015 on Umami Discos, shows the unknown, calmed and contemplative side of the band through obscure melody and lyrics. Fanny Leona, from Playa Gótica, features in this song, making it even darker and profound.

The distance the band took from their previous work, like “Revista de Gimnasia” or “Mai Lov”, which are definitely pop music, is huge. In “La Lava”, the artists reminisce the Spanish Bosé with melodies and lyrics that talk about a bulletproof love.

The video, with appearances of Leona, Mariana Montenegro and Milton Mahan – who directed the video – clearly honors the classic “Paris, Texas” from the German director Wim Wenders. While Montenegro acts like the iconic role played by Nastassja Kinski with her short hair and red sweater, Mahan does his part with a moustache like Harry Dean Stanton.


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